Why Us

We don’t just create buildings. We create value. Bringing together some of the best thinkers, designers and innovators, we create exceptional solutions in architecture, construction and design. The collaborative approach of our multidisciplinary professionals doesn’t just solve challenges; it exceeds expectations and inspires innovation.

About Us

Established in 1993 in Bangalore, Ravishankar & Associates is an architectural company found by Mr Ravishankar. With more than 25 years of experience in creating art through architecture, construction and design, Ravishankar & Associates has delivered outstanding design solutions in Bangalore and across places in India like Hyderabad, Nanded and many others.

Giving life to more than 100 projects, the firm has created residential, educational, healthcare, corporate, cultural properties across the countries with many more in the pipeline. Working for government and as well as private clients throughout the country, RaviShanker and associates has worked with an assortment of budgets, ideas and expectations and delivered everyone of them beyond everyone’s expectations.

Coming to the style of architecture, Ravishanker Associates houses practices many as we offer and specialize in Indian, European, Italian, American style of architecture design. We also offer a variety of design solutions to suit your specific need. This includes houses, apartments, factories, commercial buildings, IT buildings, warehouses, party halls, hotels, farm houses and many others. No matter what type of construction you’re loo0king for Ravishanker is your one-stop solution for Design, Architecture and Construction. ation.ation.


Our Staff

Chief architect
Assistant architects
dedicated team



We put our brains together to creatively visualize how the final construction will look like. We use 3D design, AutoCAD to show clients exactly what they’re going to get.


We make site visits. We furnish the construction to make it habitable for the client. Make it your living space or sell it. The construction is ready for your enjoyment.


Accurate and detailed architectural drawings are designed to show water supply, sanitary, electrical and all others aspects of the layout.


We put bricks with cement or any other material that you’ve chosen. Here is where the actual construction takes place; the process to turn your dream to reality.

Project List


Managing every aspect of the design to construction process, Ravishankar and associates delivers exceptional management services to all its clients.

From visualizing the final look of the entire construction to delivering it exactly as imagined, Ravishanker and Associates provides a variety of services to deliver functional interior design solutions to its clients. From choosing the fabric design to material selection; deciding on furniture design, color selection, to even lighting, our firm offers in-depth solutions so that nothing is left to chance. Budgeting, planning, delivery and installation – we do it all. You decide and we deliver. That’s our promise, every time.

Housing a variety of designs and samples from the best brands from across the world, we display a variety of materials for your choosing. Choose exactly what you want according to your budget and we’ll make sure you have it for you. The brands we offer include:

  • BLUM
  • And More..
  • Offering a wide range of Contemporary Designs, color themes and overall layout suggestions, we offer tailor made solutions to suit our clients taste & functional requirements. Every brand offered has the necessary certifications to make sure they are of the best quality and perfectly safe for construction.

    From hiring government certified Class ‘A’ contractors to do the best electrical works to securing vitrified tiles for your perfect office floor, Ravishanker Associates does not compromise on quality.

    So if you’re looking for Natural Wood Flooring, or solid wood door & window frames; gypsum false ceiling or ISI Grade Wood-Ply board wardrobes; we are the only architecture and construction house who can offer a multitude of exciting options from hundreds of brands and sellers.

    Ravishanker and Associates connects you with a variety of suppliers to get the best material at the best prices. The firm has a long-standing relationship with grade ‘A’ suppliers, giving you the best value when it comes to purchasing the required materials and resources essential to build your dream property.

    From designing entire modular kitchens to getting you that perfect bathroom fitting, Ravishankar and Associates can help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing any and all resources required to build your dream construction.

    Our firm takes full responsibility in installing essential items such as bathroom fittings, kitchen hardware, laminated wood flooring and more. Our engineers and service professionals are trained and qualified to install items from the best of the brands and will help you set it up without any issue or hassle.

    Ravishanker and Associates believes in presenting the complete picture before, during and after construction. Setting the standards from the get go, we will prepare detailed architectural drawings; illustrate in accurate detail about all water supply and sanitary drawings and electrical drawings to show you the entire layout of the construction. We believe in transparency and trust so all the bills we prepare will be properly broken down and certified so that you get the complete picture about all the transactions.



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